Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I will admit it...I was VERY nervous for this appt. Not quite sure how they would react, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, strolled in there with a boy on each hand, and went for it!

Anthony was the first one in the "chair" and hopped right up and opened his mouth immediately. The hygenist didn't even have her mask, gloves, or equipment ready. She told him he didn't have to open his mouth yet, but bless his little heart, he kept it open. He sat completely still and was smiling the whole time. He LOVED it! He picked his bubble gum toothpaste and his yellow toothbrush and away he went. He was a stellar patient!

Dominick's turn...I was so scared, and it wasn't for myself, it was for the hygenist. I thought for sure he'd flip out and be totally uncooperative. I WAS WRONG! He was able to watch Anthony first and I think that helped. Dominick hopped up in the chair not too sure of what was to happen, but it all went smoothly when he realized that the chair moved up and down and he went for a ride. He hollered: "Woo Hoo!" He was even ok with his "drool napkin" as he called it and opened his mouth on demand. It was really cute because his little tongue was all over the place and kept knocking the mirror and tools out of his mouth. Repeatedly he told the lady that he was thirsty so she would squirt water in his mouth and use the spit sucker. LOL.

They were VERY good and proud that they went to the dentist. I'm glad it was a great experience for them and will continue. The pictures of them smiling are AFTER their visit. They are showing us their pearly whites! Most important of all....NO CAVITIES!

Monday, May 4, 2009


We were able to enjoy a welcomed, warm, sunny day. It was 72 and we took advantage of it! Here are some fun pics of the kids (minus Alayna). I managed to pull out a few cartwheels and roundoffs without hurting myself! Quite a feat for someone my age! LOL. Had video of that, but chose to spare all of you from dying of laughter! Until next time!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Boys at the park after dinner.
3 generations of Bilich boys...

Dominick and his best buddy, his cousin, Henry.

Anthony & Auntie Annie.

Nothin' but love, daddy!

I love you, brubby!

The boys in their Sunday best!

My "peeps" on Easter morning.

Anthony checking out his "treasures" soon to be breakfast, lunch, & dinner.

Dominick was parched after his expedition for eggs.

This year was a lot of fun. The Easter Bunny hid about 75 plastic eggs in the house filled with candy and money. Alayna found one in the fridge. That was the mother-pearl, or egg, so to speak. It had $5 and a boatload of candy as opposed to the usual loose change!

The boys were thrilled with finding that the Easter Bunny left them presents and they loved the egg hunt even more. As I am posting this, 1 day later, the boys have requested to hide the eggs again so they can look for them. However, I discovered that Anthony ate ALL of his candy that was in his basket. He's a sneaky little devil! Dominick has hid his candy and I'm "mysteriously" finding wrappers on the floor. Hmmmm...LOL.

The girls were happy the "Easter Bunny" came because they receive flip flops, which means Spring is just around the corner. Yaaaaaaay! After our morning fun, we took our road trip to their Aunt & Uncle's house to gorge ourselves with lots of yummy food. So, that's it in a nutshell, or should I say, eggshell?! Hope everyone had a great Easter, as well. Love to all.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


The moment we've all been waiting for... Alayna's school picture from the fall. We just got it a couple of days ago. The whole thing was a HOT mess, but it's over now. So, for your viewing pleasure:

6th grade-2008


Alayna's #1 fans...(Arthur & Wendy)
To make good on my New Year's resolution, here are some photos from Alayna's first basketball game (Jan 20th). They won! Alayna has a lot to learn since this is her first time playing, but she is
very excited. They have another game today. Jon & I haven't been able to make a game together due to conflicting work schedules, but at least we get to see her play!

the final score...they won!

Alayna & Mackenzie (her BFF)